Why Choose Linea Rossa?

We are a dedicated team of local professionals committed to ensuring the safety of your home and property. Every one of our hurricane impact windows and doors is crafted to the highest quality that we would use on our own properties.

Being located in beautiful South Florida, we are more than aware of the destruction and loss that can occur from an unsecured home. We work hard to offer products that alleviate that stress so you can rest easy when the next hurricane warning comes around.

At Linea Rossa, we pride ourselves on offering affordable, competitive pricing with exceptional customer service. We know our reputation for quality separates us from the rest of the market and is a leading reason we have so much referral business. That is why we treat every customer with the highest respect and professionalism. When you work with Linea Rossa, you partner with a company that cares.

Don’t just take our word for it. We are biased! We know the quality products we offer are on the cutting edge. Explore our aluminum hurricane windows and doors for yourself and experience the Linea Rossa difference.

Our Story

Linea Rossa is an international industrial luxury brand focused on blending functional solutions with the aesthetic power of aluminum.

Our motto, Just a Line, drives the artistic and engineering innovation behind our products, including our hurricane impact windows and doors. We love the challenge of using creative architectural forms and tailored products to strengthen and secure the lives of our clients. There is a unique opportunity to utilize aluminum in so many exciting ways that when we get a client with a particularly challenging situation, we rise to the occasion, eager to discover a new opportunity for growth.

This motivation for quality is extended into our quality aluminum extrusions and fabrications. Our manufacturing facility uses state-of-the-art industrial equipment to create premium caliber designs and products that are used all over the world.

Our South Florida branch focuses on the unique opportunity of hurricane windows and doors. We follow all current industry standards for premium specifications by Florida Code as well as innovate new solutions that provide your family with the best peace of mind possible.

Our ability to deliver the highest quality hurricane impact windows and doors every time to our clients is because we have streamlined our systems. The Linea Rossa operation is structured so that every order moves through the same control phases during production, from the artist’s conception to anodization to delivery. This consistency is why we are a leading provider of hurricane windows and doors to many South Florida customers.

Give us a call today or schedule an appointment with our professional team to experience the added security of our products as well as the aesthetic beauty they will bring to your home’s style and personality.

Our Mission

To provide our clients with the highest quality hurricane impact windows and doors by continually innovating luxurious products that blend function with aesthetic beauty.

Our Vision

To transform the architectural and design world by creating new innovations that open up exciting possibilities never seen before.

Our Values

Professional Customer Service We believe treating each and every one of our customers with respect and dignity is not a lost art form. We know people appreciate quality customer service because that is what we look for in a service provider.


Our industry is built on trust, and the only way to build that with our clients is by offering consistent quality every single time. We are a business that relies heavily on community referrals and know the best way to grow is by being a leading provider every time.


By focusing on the complete process of using premium aluminum for new designs and products, we allow ourselves the creative space to be on the cutting edge of product development. This also empowers our team to work with architects, artists, homeowners, and cities for unique design solutions.